School performance

School performance 2020
Due to COVID-19 the pupils did not complete the normal assessments and therefore no data was produced. Below is the previous year's outcomes. 
School performance 2019
Once again the school has performed above the national averages across Early Years and Key Stage 1. We are very proud of the pupil's hard work and effort. 
Good level of Development at Reception: 82%  (NA 71%) 
Year 1 Phonic Screening Check: 95% (NA 82%)
Year 2 Phonics Screening by the end of Year 2: 97% (NA 92%) 
KS1 results:
Expected: 87% (NA 75%) Greater Depth: 32% (NA 25%)
Expected: 87% (NA 69%) Greater Depth: 19% (NA 15%)
Expected: 87% (NA 76%) Greater Depth: 25% (NA 22%)
Expected: 86% (NA 64%) Greater Depth: 20% (NA 11%)
Expected: 90% (NA 82%) 

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