Children's University

14th March 2016
Some of our Year 3 and Year 4 children are taking part in Children's University.  This gives them an opportunity to take part in many activities outside of the school day.  They have a passport where they can put stamps they earn by helping others, doings sports, team work challenges, doing art and visiting museums.  The more stamps they earn the better the award.  The highest number of stamps you can earn is 1000. They can attend a graduation ceremony at the end.
They have a session every week at school with Leading Link where they have been painting totem poles for a park and making wooden wind chimes.  
To earn their stamps some children have been doing judo, swimming, beavers, tennis, football and making lanterns.
Some children have already earned 21 stamps. (That was me!)  They think it is fun learning new things with a little bit of help so they know what they are doing.
by Nathan